Monday, February 4, 2013

Sinner Saint's "Jesus Ain't Enough"

Sinner Saint’s “Jesus Ain’t Enough”

It's your actual action behind your belief which depicts to me how important the blood of Christ is when I am alone, lost, hungry, hurting, confused, ashamed, depressed, angry, and longing.  The only belief I can accept is the one displayed, if I am the one who does not believe, yet. 

Stop telling me what I cannot have and show me the fruit in acts of genuine concern for my spirit, show me by extension of services (doesn't mean free) in communion, community, knowledge, teachings, testimony, encouragement, and witness.

Show me God The Most High when you speak to me about "The Blood of Christ" knowing that I am a child of The Most High in spirit first before flesh as you bring forth the fruit of your belief displayed in your actions of the spirit. One thing about the spirit of God is you can't lie in the spirit. You can only lie in the flesh!  The heart's intent of the spirit in which you truly dwell communicates to my spirit in response to God’s will or your converted submission to the will of my true enemy.  

My flesh cries out as an indicator and monitor of my spirit.  Walk to me with example and judge not the view you believe to see. Instead simply gauge the vision God has placed in you to discern with covenant. Heal my heart so that my spirit radiates in remembrance of he who is the most loving and unconditional of all “The Most High God”.

Jesus I love and accept as the son of God which is my way in to GODS' house, my Lord and savior, however, don’t stop seeking the truth with an accreditation or church home. We all must seek God within our very selves to hear God’s voice and to reconnect. 

“Jesus ain’t enough", is when you yourself do not walk in peace of radiance because other realms of your lifestyle apparently block you from knowing this yourself.”

Make Jesus more than enough by reviewing how you sound, articulate, convey, communicate, display, reach out, embrace, acknowledge, pass down, lift up, smile, rejoice, praise, grow, earn, bless, cry, breathe, and most importantly of them all “pray” by the spirit, for the spirit, of the spirit, to the spirit, as you are these things in the spirit. Eternal is the way.