Monday, March 4, 2013

Reaching out to you!

I, Charles Williams, do solemnly affirm my honorable intentions and purpose for providing a service which works for you and returns your trust through monetary programs designed to bless your income and assist you in transitioning your outcome.

That's right I am exactly all of this and enough left over. I only require the simplicity of trust, commitment, and time to allow me to keep all things in order to manifest these very strong affirmations listed here in this posting.

There are 52 individuals somewhere out here in this virtual reality world we now live in who will appreciate the very proposal I am submiting and stand by on all I love and adorn. The 52 of you will trust me to enhance a driver service and bring in revenue. I vow and will document officially to return your investment and compensate your trust up to 10 years.  Each year annually you will release $575 (first 3 years only required) in trust to acquire an additional luxury vehicle used for limousine and sedan service.  These 3 to 5 vehicles shall be used the following 7 years (up to 10 years) to provide you reimbursements and appreciations.

The vehicles are the calling cards to the businesses in Dallas and Ft. Worth metroplitan area and shall be recognized for their sleek, clean, fashionable purpose which delights the minds of those who simply cannot afford such a luxury in it's traditional sense. 
These vehicles will be used heavily to acquire as many opportunities available during the weekend dates of March, April, May, and June's Prom and Graduation season. Throughout the year in its entirety the Friday Saturday dates are targeted to reach capacity bookings which allows the remainder week dates to enhance the totals of each week billable or operable.

Once the total is achieved and fees and licenses are resolved, disbursements are sent out to the desired avenue of your selection within fiscal reasoning. I thank you for your patience in allowing me to share this with you,whomever, and where ever you are. This format in simplicity is designed to create more YES's for limousine and sedan service.  52 Investors of $575 totals $29,900 capital which during prom season can generate up to $12,000 at 2 days a week $500 net per day from one individual prom. This gives 40 weeks to generate $17,000 to repay investment and all over the budget is profit.  The objective for us to till fill the calendars covering up to 5 years ahead of schedule.  We are networked with other companies to cover all calls but the meat of this format is to bless you the initial investors who trusted me enough to follow through so that I can make this all possible.  The power in the numbers are there.


Charles Williams
Charles Williams Limousine & Sedan