Friday, July 12, 2013

What Does Mistah Do?

Mr. Sir Mistah does exactly what he can to manifest progress in his atmosphere of life, love, integrity, & peace. Here is how ladies and gents.
Place the mind in truth & heart and leave no boundary untouched, crossed, or reviewed.  The world in which I truly exist requires me to always submit to a higher power of morality, love, commitment, & direction.

Currently I in the daylight employ myself at a Britezone Carwash in Tarrant county. I need all currencies available. I also represent a Limousine service. These 2 focal points direct my immediate availability for business.

My day job is harder and pays 85% less than what my limo service pays.  I am also a student, single, focused on success, transitioned male of color seeking new horizons, adventures, and memories of success.

I Do Work!
Sir Mistah