Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kingz Deuce "The Lifestyle of a Wash"

"This is the model to use as standard for assembly wash style detail, being that I am a professional in the industry at this current time." The reason I value this model is the combination of entry (optional style) onto premises, the entry of tunnel, the tire shine model, the buff after 2 polishes for that sparkle sparkle in the eye of the beholder. The additional details are tactful and concise to full functioning such as the rollers used to move the vehicle along to each section of the process. I have 2 things to add to process and that is a novelty item and Exclusive Service package.

This wash should be standard. Networking with a few parent companies in the areas of "Going Green" a brand of "Lost & Found" styled travel pouches for what may be a lost & found like item such as sun glasses or shades, coins, jewelry, or clothing and more to be returned to the owner of the vehicle. The item of the brand itself is one which invites returning bags for continued discounts on future visits to the facility along with the option to purchase the bag n tag service which can be used on any vehicle in your accountability such as a friends vehicle or family member.
The second item I would like to add is one of my current ability in service and that is a driver service package. This package allows patrons to utilize an additional feature in their ventures of sports appreciation such as professional baseball, basketball, football, futbol, or even soccer events and more.
Drive to our wash for any scheduled event such as a Dallas Cowboys game and get drop off service to the stadium and back. We have several options to select to meet the need such as an overnight option and pick your vehicle up the following sober day because let's face it. When the Cowboys win everybody wins! What better way to celebrate a win than a night out on the town in exclusive limousine service using either a luxury sedan, stretch, or van style luxury vehicle. No one is excluded. We are more than capable of cleaning your ride and giving you a ride so you can enjoy your ride on this journey we all share in the road to life, love, and the sparkle.