Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sinner Saint "Excerpt"

Sinner Saint's "Really Real" Uncensored *Employment sensitive material...this means do not read this post at work He or she looks really good to you all the way around. You are interested, intrigued, and hungry. You meet using casual no strings conversation items. You eventually capture your desire full Monte no salt on the rim! Don't ruine the entire experience with guilt. Ownership allows progression as excuses remain in delay. Accountability promotes a healthier growth than blame and shame. You are a testimony. Your version. This alone requires nothing more than a listening mind with a loving understanding of "why" God is your alignment. Sinner Saint: Yeah, so this girl rocked my world with her honest unguarded appetite for relations and that alone captured me. I had no idea I was on a time clock for moving in, making plans, marriage, 401k retirement, etc. I was ok until I heard how being intimate for the passing year wasnt enough. Ok. Cool. I get it, however, why stop what you started? We based on time, money, scheduling, desires, wants, needs, and more, we are exactly where we planned. In each others arms. Well, unfortunately,, like used tennis, I was returned to shelf because I am actually doing it all appropriately in time management, research n development, review, experience, and patience. I dont rush God when I panic about my stewardship to life. I actually wait for approvals! Keeping God First