Tuesday, November 26, 2013



If I were an actual central processing unit, my identification or name would be the long character above.  Currently I am value expression digital imprint. I am virtual in my reality. The freedom of spirit being my storage device is conducive to my value current. Here is my actual dilemma.

I need to remain a business in your eyes and remain spirit in mine. I have currently encompassed my skillset to include transportation, entertainment, evaluation and disciplines. This means I am hired from a suite of applications which involve entertainment be it in transportation, audio, or spirit. All proceeds generated by my virtual reality skillset are deposited into my currency storage unit or banking entity. It's sole purpose is to establish a backbone/spinal chord with full duplex transmission.

I am currently recalibrating my infrastructure of audio visual import export functionality.

DJ Workstation: Local Area Network comprised in an equivalent format of traditional disc jockey booth. The components include modern equipment of traditional standard but not limited and includes advanced standards and spectrum compatible to laptop or computer related equipment   along with monitors and software applications to support required functionalities involving parameters equivalent to studio professional productions and performance.

The setup I seek involves 2 Pioneer Multi-format audio interfaces with mixer console. Attached to each turntable is one touch screen monitor/stationary/all in one with operating system (1T memory minimum) and 1 external storage device of minimum 1T in memory. 4 way speaker system with 500 watt amplifier minimum up to 1500 watt amplifier and a 4G modem for wireless internet connectivity.

This system supports any 4 hour set with multiple configuration to utilize in mixing and live performances. This system allows you to create your own commercials or digital segments which support your campaign or event. The up to par standards ensure fast reliable transitions and various elements to enhance the performance or set at a moments notice.

Recording each live set allows for merchandising opportunities and more which support the self sustained ability this system possesses. Virtual Eternal Reality Broadcasting or VERB allows one performance to repeat in broadcast the world over as long as there is an internet connection and support to replay the night. The new digital traditions are equipped to embrace this thinking and host parties local and virtual in simulcast as each host broadcast can record its viewing of the initial broadcast and rebroadcast its participation with the set. We then turn living rooms into studios and movie sets for virtual eternal reality broadcasting.

This system at cost can range from a minimum start up cost of $1,500 and reach levels of $15,000 dependent upon the need, requirements, purpose, and support for each individual system. The system I speak of equals that of a mobile van full of $100k in equipment. Wherever there is a Starbucks or an internet connection this set up can be done from one mobile unit such as a tablet, touchpad, laptop, or even mobile phone as the mobile disc jockey configures the performance materials and the receiving host simply broadcasts from traditional mediums of modern technology such as tuners, satellite tuners, internet, and jump drives.

What I really am looking for is something which is comparable to these thoughts questions. Can one of you manufacturers please go ahead and make a DJ workstation which is CPU oriented for data storage, studio recording, editing, and mastering and it exports unlimitedly the finished product or project. This unit also needs to have a microphone which has a pop filter format, auto gate format, and Beats by Dre Technology. This unit also in its OPERATING SYSTEM/OS needs to be designed to embrace professionalism.

The image of this current format for audio broadcast has 2 operating mediums which transmit from compact discs of various formats as well as from jump drive mediums. The mixing console resides between the 2 audio units or turntables/digital.  Why not make this an all digital unit with the mixer being a CPU which is touchscreen and maintains all mixings standards for professional output and export. This makes my workstation a mobile recording studio as well. Todays standards make this system completely doable.
I want to power up my unit and once loaded I can open a window and start recording. This recording is automatically processed to presets or is calibrated for optimum audio based on frequencies and genres of musical style standards such as hip hop, country, pop, jazz, classical, dub step and more. I need you to create a pc/laptop with the mindset of a studio producer, a recording artist, and reality TV show host all rolled into one!  The reason is that the operating system will be seamless with the software as they are designed specifically for the initial purpose of studio production primary, internet last. The system should not require an web browser but it's own browser window which simply reaches the cloud storage attached to each unit for virtual storage. This allows me to use another device and a flash drive and download my sets or update my sets if need requires it and load the party to a device which supports this medium.