Wednesday, January 8, 2014

i responded to a post which stated digital helped kill hip hop which can be translated into digital helped ruin music as a whole!

Please.......let's review what is original in hip hop before we believe it was and is a living entity regardless...........Highschool Cafateria all you needed was a Coin and a Table/someone on beatz, and an Emcee........The Dj Found breaks on Albums from our parents, and their parents.   THE MAN/COMMERCIAL BUSINESS hears of this buzz, and break dancing explodes. MEanwhile artists like parliament, james brown, and more.....weren't asked permissions what so ever to use their material in a reinvented format.......speed to now......BECAUSE GROUPS AREN'T BUSINESS WHEN FORMED TO BEGIN WITH AND PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS KIDS IN GROWN UP BODIES, common sense kicked in.     If i had to dj a party today and use all vinyl how long would it take for me to set up and set down?  Today I can carry 4 Terabytes of material borrowed, bought, or not.    What is killing hip hop is the refusal of each city and inner city to establish 1 absolute mecca such as a Mall of Studios, which gets everyone fed and turns it all around. Hip Hop can't be killed, stolen, nor revived because once you become an element of the chart, you are 4ever known!  $$$TAKeTIME