Monday, January 6, 2014

Sinner Saint’s “On The Couch” A Self Employed and Homeless Creation

Sinner Saint’s “On The Couch” A Self Employed and Homeless Creation

Before I begin allow me to critique the previous writing. If I am homeless, then why am I on the Internet?” People seem to have multiple missed communications within their own thinking processes. We assume so much information simply because we believe we are ahead of the curve in our own individual way.

Example. I woke up with a notion I need to facilitate myself in the area known as bathroom. I kindly got myself together and made the journey to the resting spot where I commenced the process required by my body. Out comes a sound which nudged me to recognize here comes something special. GGGRrrrRrrrrrrrrRrrrrrrrrRRRRRRrrrrrr! A 5 second flagellated bowel gargle which had an impact of a rotator cup. (If you are educated I made you chuckle, if you are not educated you are staring at me wondering if I am authentically black or negro because of my eyes.)

Allow me to introduce myself in an appropriate and exciting manner.
* Ladies and Gentleman! Boys and girls! All the way from an alternating reality with dual processor credentials, the male exotic biscuit eater of Northern hemisphere and still underweight champion of 5904 south cooper street suite 104 box 116, the man with a plan that always falls between the cracks of lonely asses, voted to be most likely to not succeed-a praise given by his 10th grade English teacher, you guessed it, here he is!!!!!! The one. The only. SInnneeerrrrrrr Saaaaaainnnnnt! (applause goes here--2 clap minimum please)

Bless you esteemed colleagues and guests. I am humbly in front of you for a solid purpose and a rock solid reasoning. I am not employed to do anything else at this moment in my life. I have no more shame but still hold onto plenty of anger and disgust. I don’t like sagging grown men hanging onto a misconception of identity as well as the harassing action of false body art such as spanks and covered toe shoes, which does not depict to me the authenticity of the creature in which i aim to dip? I DO NOT ENJOY SURPRISES THAT ALTER MY INTENT OF EMOTION

I have been paying for sex since I was about 20 years of age. I have paid for clothing, accessories, jewelry, property, entertainment, and more simply so I can have consensual adulterated, grown folk passion pleasing internal massages known as sexual intercourse. You call it dating or marriage. I call it like I see it.

What is prostitution? **Wikipedia: Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations, in exchange for payment. In escort prostitution, the act may take place at the client's residence or hotel room (referred to as out-call), or at the escort's residence or a hotel room rented for the occasion by the escort (in-call).

IF I stand my ground based on definition, intellectually and alone I may complete the phrase and state that “I am a sex worker. I work hard every day of the year, and save my money, so that a female who believes I am the right price, will have a sexual relationship with me. This is prostitution by default and I accepted it without knowing what I was doing. I now knowing what is really happening in this world do hereby declare myself as a Sovereign Relationship and must have my contract guidelines met prior to consent given to any outside entity seeking to engage in such activity or activities with my person.  
Basically, it means you should be paying me some money to talk to me about giving you my money so that you have sex with me any and every time the mood takes over my person.  Guess what? You are a prostitute!  You received/bought a ring, clothes, car, vacation, and other collateral items which can not be measured such as time.

Don’t be upset with me because the definition accepted is the term you use daily whether you know it or not. Research the words you use and determine if you are correct in your use. Good luck.

QUEEF OR QUEAF (click link to view video of Tiffany Haddish)
Today i want to discuss in question the art of eyebrow shaping, lip injections, and more but due to a late start this morning i did not prepare with adequate research, so instead we are going to embrace this simple thought. “Queef?”   

Are you telling me that with all the philosophers and scientists of Earth’s existing standards, you guys could not manage to produce an alternative or better word selection than the word queef?  Let’s for example ask out about the spelling. Are you telling me that a vagina with air coming out of it produced a word from god and that word was queef? So you are saying to me with all the king’s horsemen and all the kings men you could only put back together an adequate word under god and that word was queef? Queef in the morning queef in the evening ain’t we got fun, queef?
817-264-7554 mr. charles drives

Today when i retry to fit into the standard corporation model of society as a blackening I am often reminded of my previous attempts to fit into anything. Some places are not big enough for my anatomical presence and other locations are vastly too much for me to fit but remains roomy enough for me to explore and with pleasure.

I applied at a local grocery store in purpose of employment to accommodate my research and development of craft. I realized that when I let go of something, I really don’t recall much. The application wanted to know if I would like to take drugs and if so that there is a drug screening available for me after completing the application.
First i thought how considerate of them to be concerned enough to ask. I thought wow, be it as a shopper or a possible employee they are really all about testing their products. Then i thought, what are they going to give me because I am allergic to pain and death, and that neither sample should contain these items in them.

Well I was curious enough to ask the store manager which of the drug samples should I try being a first time drug sampler ever. The store manager gazed in amusement and disgust all rolled into one. I held an honest face and stared directly into the store manager’s soul when I asked the question.  The response given to me was priceless. “The best thing for you to do is just say no when it asks you on the application if you take drugs.”
Wow. Honesty is the best policy. I have never taken drugs before in my life. I always had to pay some sort of money or trade item of value. Like this one time I wanted to know finally what is the big hoo hah pertaining to cannabis/marijuana. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and had the best meals of my life, but not once did I ever take any drugs. Taking drugs would be stealing. You should always pay for your goods and services.

I didn’t hear back from the store manager however I did get a visit from local law enforcement. I was asked if I am a legal citizen and I answered no. Why would I need a certificate of residence if i get my mail from a post office box? Duh…..

When I was much younger than I am now, I wanted to love so badly I thought possibly I would become a movie star and be loved all the time. Yep. Women would knock at my door and ask if I have seen their Frisbee? I would say no, but they can take a look around to search for it. Then the dime would ask me for assistance. She would walk upstairs to my closets and enjoy the silks and satins as the candles whisper essence of calm all over the house. Then she would ask me for her help with this ache in her back and I would help her. She’d begin to rub my chest and I would let her. She would kiss on my neck and I would let her. She’d then nibble at my ear and I would let her. She’d place her hand on my thigh and I would let her. She would place her hand on my other thigh and I would let her. She would then massage my feet and I would let her. She would deep tissue massage my yes yes ya’ll and I would let her. Then at the end of the search she would ask me if her friends can help her search with her and I would let her. Then I would wake up in the backseat of a Lincoln with my hands tied to the door handles by stockings as they throw green jello at my naked torso. They would then humiliate me by eating the green jello off my torso as they sip champagne for a few hours. Oh the humiliation of it all. I would be forced to eat grapes as they feed them to me just before they begin to have their way with me. Kissing, hugging, touching, licking, and more explicit graphics which depict a horrible act of pleasure. I simply would let her.

Aye, Pastor Rush, how are you? Yes I’m blessed. Yes. I’m doing well. I was just witnessing to some colleagues about how great god is and his impact on my life. Yes. I will see you Wednesday for Bingo. End call.

Sinner Saint! Duh. I don’t lie to you, to God, nor anyone else. I have no need to lie. I’m black! You don’t believe I can do, be, or become anything in the first place, which is why the rules of this country are based on property and ownership by standards of false traditions homed in by euro centric males. I’m ignorantly capable of function and courtesy. I love me enough to know enough for me. I don’t know enough to love you, so I simply love me in place of you, so you can feel the way i feel. Loved.

I don’t actually see color. I see spirit. I hear spirit. I speak spirit. I am not a natural fit to this world. Example, the lady with the wig and painted on eyebrows has a husband or a beau and rightfully so. She sees what she sees in him and vice verse. Do you think they care enough about small items such as appearance when they are 2 spirits which have found one another again. Do you think she cares if he snores in his sleep. Do you think he cares if at night her toe nails are sharper than a porcupines nipple scratching him up like a whip to the back of Kunta Kente? Do you really believe that a force as powerful as the definition, term, emotion, and truth, known as love, is not adequate enough for a race of people to defend themselves or their loved ones? I apologize if I lose you, however, I am not going to apologize for refusing to lie to you, refusing to hate you, refusing to hurt you, refusing to despise you, to interrupt you, kissing you, touching you, embracing you, warming up to you, watch you, monitor you, listening to you, responding to you or even more so I will not apologize for thinking of you. I make choices and decisions. I decided to love you and love me at the same time. So I blaze one for you every time I blaze one for me because in my world anything I want to manifest has been done. I am Sinner Saint and I laugh with this message!

Stop listening to everyone else’s tips if you are not like those people who are advising you. If you are a poor attitude and lazy please take notes only from other poor attitude and lazy peoples because they know what you are going through.

Example enough for me is this little tort of a scenario. A significant other spoke in haste to me and purely had a problem with me because it was me. The subject is Christmas tree as the point is the purpose of Christmas. I asked one simple question and received a thrashing rant of why i have no business asking questions about this holiday. When it was all said and done the truth had set us both free.
I asked a simple and honest question. If we are doing this based on tradition, what was the reason for changing part of the tradition (Christmas ornaments style)? Reason I asked? i asked so I knew by testimony if it is okay for me to clean house by discarding things we are no longer involving in our routines.
The answer given to me in a black female kind of way was not shocking nor was it appropriate. “You have no right to ask me about my choice in something you are not a part of!” I put up the Christmas tree every year, not you! *Crowd goes “Ooooh!”

Now I easily could have been Mandingo and reminded her that due to her inability to display her authentic affection for the creator in which I believe in, and due to her inability to think collectively opposed to only what she wants because its what she was taught when she was growing up while her father cheated continuously on her mother because he believed her place was in the kitchen and at home with the children, I  due to my upbringing by all the women in my family learned to share and be the bigger person for the sake of the children so that they would not grow up believing that either of them male/female is better than the other, but that love is the only true thing that matters because God is love and that at all times we should display such affection and attention, it is better to be wise and calm than hasty and bitter, thus the reason each year I would not argue any longer about the Christmas trees because in my upbringing we actually said the name Jesus and God opposed to your choice of only saying, “the man upstairs”, which means you believe in mankind more than the creator, I removed myself from your equation and allowed you to do it your way, each way, each year, by your own testimony, because I will always be a man who can’t get it right, because I am not a mind reader in the first place to know that you actually don’t have a clue and out of fear you simply want the children to follow you and not me because you lost faith in me as a mate, when in fact i was only a trophy. I did none of that.

I responded: You feel better? I know how important it is to speak our minds and let off the steam. “The only reason I ask, is to know whether or not I can discard other ornaments and dressings, because I’m trying to clean  house here, and do not know what is to keep. I know by your answer you are upset in a different area out of fear, however, the reason for the season does not believe in fear and neither should you. I am not the enemy and I would appreciate it if you would conduct yourself knowingly, as I have not any enemies of Earth.


Place a female on a couch facing the couch. Find corner of couch. Have female raise right leg and secure herself on the couch. Gradually insert female. Stride until satisfied or new position is required. Be mindful of sounds as it triggers premature satisfaction standards and can disrupt future couch sessions. *Have you ever thought about how much you enjoy hearing pleasure. I am on the couch and I mean on the couch. I am making complete use of these cushions. I am 4 hours deep without an exclamation. I am into it. I heard a sound that not only pierced my spine but made my body go into auto pilot hyper drive and before I knew it I was singing songs and praises beyond my control.

I start watching her body and positions and movements and am going crazy in my own mind. Its not that she is making noises and sounds and feeling good to my pelvic thrusts of determination, but more so the fact that, her sounds and emotions are appreciated by a dreamer like myself. It’s all a dream is what I tell myself, because there is not one single female ever under existence whom was actually ever satisfied. They are naturally settle-fied. They settle for a satisfying moment be it short term or longer in term, it’s still segmented based on a lifetime. Ladies I take great pleasure in hearing your natural sounds, and seeing your natural expressions. The best one ever is the over the shoulder in disbelief look. You know the one. He hit that spot you thought no one ever knew about and what it does to you internally. He hit it so well, you in your natural response, looked over your left shoulder back at him and stared as your expressions continued to show your arousal. PURE ENTERTAINMENT TO MEN!

Talking is what mucks it up for all men. Don’t say one word after you have stopped or he has stopped. Keep silent. Actions only at this point. Do not and I repeat, please do not start talking to him because you are interrupting the "after fantasy glow recap" all men go through when a real bust has occurred.  Shut up after the nut is what I am saying.

I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to hear something that changes my mind, which changes my mood, which changes my actions. If you want me to stay, don’t ask me or say anything to me. Don’t put that “fear of concern” in the air by asking questions like, “how does it feel” or “was I better than what you have experienced before?” because quite frankly until you brought it up, I wasn't thinking about anything to begin with other than how awesome my balls feel slapping against your ass cheeks knowing you want me to slap my balls up against your ass cheeks. It’s sensual.

Ladies, Freaks, and One timers I am open to suggestions but not open to bullshit. If your mind is fucked up, do not speak to me, and you will get a good result out of me. Simply walk up to me in your seductive style. Place your hand on either my thigh, my chest,  or simply hold me from behind and grab my crotch. I like a sexy woman going for it. It makes my hotness easier to maintain.
I enjoy a sexy foot. I enjoy a sexy ankle, a sexy neck, a sexy shoulder or shoulders, a nice butt, a sexy walk, knock kneed, pigeon toed, feminine woman who has no problem with spontaneous gestures such as hand jobs in a booth or dark theater as well as summer hood or summer trunk cunnilingus. I’m dirty like that.

These things are a part of what makes me me. In stimulation I am confident and direct about my business. I have spoken to President’s of companies under this influence and received no results, but the fact that I did it anyway, impressed my inner self. I am a being. I am Earth. I am God. I am the summation of the balances of the two and shall continue to express myself as openly and honestly as possible, as long as the definitions are correct.