Thursday, January 2, 2014

2nd Thoughttt


I dont wanna hear bullshit son's of bitches talk, so what makes you believe i seek the sounds of wining bitches of bitches? Not a mutha fuckin thang!

BULLET I like it deep with your pelvic thrusts. The way you elevate in sound as you express your pleasings of approval makes me dig deeper for the buried treasures. Then what happens? The 3 o'clock burrito arrives and vibrates my sack.

Dear Statuatory Rape Penalty
How are things with you. Hope you enjoy the summer.

Where does a crack fiend shop for flip flops and flap jacks?

When you squirt for the 2nd time are after dinner mints appropriate?

How do tweets twats taste?

Knock Knock.
Who dherr
Maybe i'll come back later.

*Feed a cow instead of having one
Sinner Saint