Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sinner Saint's "Eye Want My Stroke Back" When a man thinks he regrets having slept with you!

Sinner Saint's "Eye Want My Strokes Back"

Time, money, energy, emotion, thought, gestures, acceptance, and compassion are instrumental in what takes place when any of us decide to say to ourselves in confession. "i love this person more than i thought." What needs to be taken into consideration is the possibility of your version of what is "in love" and their version of "in love" because it may or it may not actually represent the same exact definition. There are simple questions to ask which let you know if your versions are similar enough to accept as the same. Know this ladies and gentleman that the traditional coupling has different rules than the non traditional coupling.

Two women know exactly what in love is just as two males know what in love is for them. However, the heterosexual traditional coupling has a completely and opposite rule book for both parties involved. The female book says, and i quote: "take everything he has, and then after he is smitten, tell him it is not enough, and then repeat every 30 to 45 days.
The male hand book simply says, "by any means necessary, get her to do this when you need this done."

The rules are actually introverted or reversed when we look at it. He actually takes everything she has. "Baby. I want to get a new wig from Louis Vuitton and a Vera Wang toilet seat cover!" i don't care how much it costs, okay?" (of course you don't, why should you, you got money!")

Now him on the other hand. Comes home from a hard day at the gym. He just completed the 8th level of Candy Crush! Feeling good about himself. Like a man's man. A real man. Yeah! "I'm gon' put it on my lady today! Man walks in and just absorbs the lovely God inspired imprint of peace and harmony as he fantasizes her skin against his and whispers emotions of intensity into his ears, grabbing him as she explores his shoulders in a grasp which claims all humanity from the deepest portions of the soul.
He walks toward her as a Lion does his prey and in one gaze he says to her without words, "I must have you now or I will die."

Keep in mind however, there are levels to this coupling thing. The first 90 days to 6 months are kindergarten to third grade and the scale grows. Ladies who have a man as a love interest. We may repeat a few grades here and there. It's just how it is. We will always forget things because when we do not forget them we end up sounding like you, nagging like you, angry like you, and then you end up believing that it's not the type of relationship you should be in and that you should have an actual female partner opposed to a male partner.

Strong silent type. Masculine. Focused. Hungry. Commanding. Logical. Physique on point and all natural in loveliness. This is the type of like. Uh. My bad. I got confused for a moment. Everybody switching roles left and right I am actually not sure anymore who is who.

I know my role tho. I am your physical and your mental. I am your reassurance. I am your authority of "yes you look good." I am truth and honesty. Well. I am truth. We both know you don't really want honest until honest has to be the only choice left. Either way my love. It's me. The one you asked God for. You said, and I quote: "Dear God. Please send me a compassionate, loving, god fearing, man who will love me for me."
The only problem with the prayer is you have to be complete and exact in what you speak to God because God likes jokes just like the rest of us. If you don't know exactly who you are it is more than likely you are not going to truly ask for the right things.

"Dear God, Please help me to fix my multiple personality reconstruction project mentality, and keep the man you send me and help me make it work. I know I am a lot to deal with emotionally but, I do love and want to be loved. If it's alright with you God I would prefer he have an ambition to be a conqueror for our family unit and please keep him safe so that our children will know what it actually means to have a healthy relationship. I don't want to argue with him and call him names like I normally do when I am angry and don't know why. I would like him to make my body feel amazing and never lose his touch or desire for me. Please God. If you are there, let us be the unit in which you know makes you proud that we are together with one another and explore this world as we do our best to please you as we please each other. In your name I pray. Amen."

Men ain't no better, but at the very least we are actually trying to answer the questions correctly so we can get an A. Let's face it. You don't want a man who is actually going to tell you the truth. It is historically proven that telling the truth is not what it is anymore. If you ask your man what he wants to do to you for his birthday and he actually tells you verbatim what he wants to do to you, the first thing going through your mind is (LADIES: WHO YOU BEEN &*CKI$g LIKE THAT!?) who you been sleeping with like that because it sure ain't been me?
So now the man is forced to simply answer you the same way he has to answer any test given in these United States of America school systems.  Christopher Columbus didn't discover anything. But to get counted as the correct answer we are forced to repeat the lie so that comfort remains in tact.
The bottom line is we want you and mostly until the day we die. The problem we have to realize is unless you love you enough to let us love you we as men have to be mindful about who's cooking our meals and how much is the life insurance policy?