Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Companion, A Lover, & A Friend Get Married

I am my value. Not the meal nor the housing where it was acquired. My mind is my value. My experiences add to my value. I am observing you. I don't know who thinks dating means obligation but you got it twisted.
Dating is inquiring minds. I already met and know me. Who are you is my dating purpose for compatability research. Do we or can I with you is for dating. We all are filling out applications here. Seeking Relationship Employment for the benefits of companionship. I am aware of hardships. I seek part time to full time interests. However dating is not permanent employment from a temporary employment agency. We both are seeking full time relationship all the way down to seasonal employment relationship.
You are your brand and logo. I like food and drink and need no status to do so. If you seek a Parent you can sleep with then do it up front and own it. Remove the facades of thought and nurture the reality. It's the True True!