Sunday, April 27, 2014


I themed Youtube videos today to depict a thought which should cradle a mind before signing or endorsing a business venture. The glam, the fame, the glitz are clouds of air which dissipate. The work, the craft, and the honing of one's skills are the foundation which remains a pillar of works.

  You are obligated to ensure the protection of your FIRST PRIORITY of protection be it family, a child, love interest, etc. Business is not a friendship. Business is a commerce ship of products and services for lease, hire, sale, or rent. You do not have friends in business. You have associates or colleagues.

  In business everyone knows that the rules of business are often hidden through women, men, money, flash, the looks of prestige, the sounds of prestige, the easy banana for good little monkey dancing for peanuts. You must honestly evaluate your business worth and not cross reference it with your spiritual worth. It's a different scale.
  Apply three fundamental principals of business as your foundation and grow yourself as your experiences nurture your selections for business. The end result vary but success is measured by thoughts. We think we are successful? How about we know we are successful!?