Saturday, April 26, 2014

Social Smoking is Expensive

2014 is the year of harvest. I am grateful for a many items. One item is woman. The other item is canabis. When the two are combined a wonderful thing is created. She gets to smoke for free.

I and another pooled our resources and acquired a dub of life or canabis if you will. We cleared the air together on the first smoke break. The problem is she doesn't smoke it up as much as she thinks because she talks during smoking.

I am linear. I am organized. I am equal rights. What I am not is being in the give it away for free mood. Stress by marijuana does not mix. Marijuana removes stress not create it.

We had 2 dime bags. I had to leave for business and grabs the unused sack. She says and I quote; "gimme a bud out of it." I picks my battles and let her do it. Why? Because marijuana don't lick my balls the way she does.

One day I will have my shine and rejoice in it. Please share equally in canabis and in vagina. It's healthier.