Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sinner Saint's "The Reality unto Me" it did not matter if he stayed!

 You are not going to like this but someone else is already laughing at it, thus, the purpose of courage when eye am drinking while riding under a woman's arch in her spine as she listens to "Drunken Love". Whether or not I had a father growing up my entire life, my end results of my own living would have remained the same. I would still be hated by the angry black women of america, profiled by the angry white women of america, and adorned by the true love of my life!
 I blame nothing anymore because I chose to land in the vagina and not on the back, face, neck, or kleenex. There is however a continued racism in this country, but it does not depict how often or how frequent I will be allowed to participate in the most natural act a human can perform in life. It did not keep me from learning how to iron clothes with a towel and water.
I grew up cutting lawns for favor and fruits. I grew up learning how to remain in touch with my feminine side, thanks to a very 3rd cousin from my pretend cousins side. Luckily for me I was a typical brother to my sister and did not like them enough to share something so intimate as "playing doctor." However, my sisters friends were perfect patients.
I am a single status filing IRS commodity of 1 dependent for legal purposes and appreciate a return on my investments. I am considering hiring out my tadpoles for $2,500 each per year for first 4 years and then the last four years of each tadpole from 18 to 22 years of age. If I stagger the clients just right I will be able to repair my '85 Caprice and put some rims on it!
-Sinner Saint-



  •  taught me how that you should spit it out and once that is done it's spat!
  • anal is for assholes
  • angry black women make horrible contestants on Japanese game shows(they don't sleep with their sons like the other women do for the fun of the show)
  • massacre runs down the face better when a woman gags
  • spitting on a vagina makes a spitting on a vagina sound
  • a woman can wear her heels in bed as long as she keep her mouth open
  • men say the dumbest things regardless of the sex
  • big cocks don't always mean a big cock's just big....and that's big enough to film!