Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sinner Saint's "The Funniest Thing About..." is you! Sagging Pants at the age of 25 and up.

Sagging Pants at the age of 25 and up.

 Do you have a reason as why you believe you sag? IS your reason the same one you can apply for not being violent or praying for someone, or even hugging your mother when she needs it back from you?
I know you are looking for the humor and it will arrive as soon as you realize the question.
 Sagging Pants started from bullying kids at the playground opposed to popular myth. Gianni Highwater was a bullied child whose parents only made so much money, thus his apparel of clothing did not always fit. One solemn recess Johnny pulled his pants down so that the bottoms would not rise above his ankles any longer. Johnny however, untucked his shirt tail and wore them out to cover up his under garments.

 Fast forward to 1981 when Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall" Album exploded and the birth of Music Videos took us all by storm. During this time frame in urban america, name brands designed for non urban Americans grew in popularity with brands such as Izod, Polo, Lee's & Levis, Sassoon, Calvin Klein, Chic Jeans, Gloria Vanderbuildt, and more.

 Well at this phase of the game, showing your ability to not be poor had grown. High School students would show the brand of their designer under garments by pulling down their pants just enough to show the Calvin Klein or Jordache symbols and brand to represent, " we are not poor."

The question is this one after this period. "Do you actually know why you  as a person who seeks respect from your surroundings, choose to be accepted by your surrounding with sagging britches (britches; pantalones,  pants, slacks, jeans, man garment legging(what my granny called pants))
-sinner saint-


Laughter and Smiles to all. Eye am Sinner Saint a stand up comic in the making and think it is truthfully funny the reaction this article has received from us all. Remember folks. It's the point of writing an article, to stimulate and shake up the thinking process.

Domestic Violence is subtle, mental, physical and clouds the spirit. Mental Illness is honest. I am a male, bipolar, no processed medication, and do not allow my thoughts to branch off into my violence. I knew i was different since birth and thus I crafted my thoughts of reality.

Once eye mastered my techniques I handled every domestic and non domestic violence moment with the poise and power of knowing who eye actually know for myself. The Power of Thought rules or governs your actions of expression from thoughts. *We are always children. Knowing this one thought allows me to see into your spirit, your mind, your heart, your ability, your short comings, and your intent.

Simply put, I grew up at a very young age only to remain surrounded by adult children who control my community and government. Money Ain't the power as much as The Belief of money is the power!