Monday, May 5, 2014

Sinner Saint Homework Blog

My home work exercise involves me showing my review of personal steps to achieve personal goals. This review is one I am in submission of blogging. The blogging sphere and realm does absolutely two wonderful things for a person such as myself in stature, finance, and likeness. I can be funny. I can make money. This website I believe personally can transition one's life from rags to riches and from riches to rags all in the same week or post. 

For example, when learning how to create a blog I was relieved at the simplicity involved with me doing so. I am looking forward to more commerce friendly features offered by this site to enhance the self employed nation I find myself currently involved with. 
One feature in mind is an Online ATM and Digital Vault. This vault is attached to a secure prepaid banking method and with the "Clearance Required Software" protection from online commerce fiasco's or identity theft becomes removed. 

What I foresee with this technology is the bridging of the gap within perception and reality at practical points of application such as having a blog site and you blog about you from good to bad through this virtual reality option of communication. The internet makes it possible to employ myself from US to Japan and at a fraction of the cost to commute in person. The problem with the technology is that it is not free or sovereign of traditional means of communication such as public broadcasting system or network television.  Great place to start.

·         How easy was it to set up your blog?  It was quite simple to create my blog.
·         What features should be included that are not currently available? 
·         What  improvements would you make? 
·         What benefits do you see with this technology?  Self Expression & Commerce
·         What problems do you see with this technology?  BAd Postings
·         A link to El Centro College to the blog. (  
·         Text color to at least one of  the words. 
              Bold or italics to at least one of the words 


The above link is one which brings up a saved rendition of my soon to be published works if not published works as a blogger at the website address listing of Creating the website is simple from blogger with its step by step method. There are many features of diversity pertaining to spicing up a blog site and reading other blogs as well as entering some html code if you choose or need. The feature I find myself needing for my blog and purpose is one which helps me be self sufficient such as Receiving Revenues to view Concert Themed Content ( videos of performance from stage or stage setting and viewed as professional or public). Beign paid as a stand up comic will post a whole new meaning to the word. My feature as a con requires knowledge of much law in copy right and publishing and standards to know how exactly the product should be revealed without infringements. The positive is like Napster the buzz alone is worth millions. 
Blogging basically allows many of us to heal in our own way through observation and expression. Either way we look at it. The font is the font.
Charles Williams