Monday, June 9, 2014

Sinner Saint Monday "My Feet"

Eye know as well as anyone else how effective a foot massage is. Hypnotism in my toes, arch, and heel, ankle, calves. Knee to toe. Other combinations collapse me into an abyss of short term memory euphoria and long term energy, heal and release,  functionality.

So eye massaged my limb top to bottom in caring and touch technique to find myself in synchronicity. Massage oils work best. Noxzema not so much alone but when used in combination can put the spark back in your scrotum region.
Your anus breathes an open door breeze of hot sauce and curry with a homemade vanilla ice cream cure for fire and ice sensations as the oil makes nice upon each gesture of knead and care of lubing. "My balls feel awake and my stage starts to pant a pant of constant desire to share this height of stimulus."

Dedications are a massage theory involving breath control. One maintains a rhythm of sensation during expression. If careful enough all goals are achieved.