Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Man Woman Child!

Man! Woman! Child!
*When in order the roles are clear, paths as well.
The child is not the parent so stop making them be adult with your volume of words and displays of adulthood.
Woman is the support all life seeks one way or the other but it does not mean she is to bare all responsibility alone. Her design is to be part of a unit.
Man you are the eyes and mind in focus on God. He leads you that  you lead others through the works of wisdom, strength, disciplines and love as your affection originates from The Most High God creator of the spirit.
When the man asks the woman for lunch money he is in submission to motherhood. If the child tells the mother instead of requesting or asking honorably the child is unaware through examples and experience. Women if you want a real man to create a family you may want to know what makes a real man. It is the truth and the confidence in never giving up on you, him, me, us, our, we or family.
Man you are natural strength and honor. Be exactly that in your spirit.