Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sin say or Saint say?

I sin on average maybe 7 sins a day.
1. How do I look?
2. Did you remember to...?
3. Did you know you are speeding?
4. Who tastes better?
5. Do you smoke?
6. Are you gay.
7. Am I bothering you?
These are all in my head every day and i always say a version of yes to every question.

1. Yes you look like this :)
2. Yes i remember to bcuz its after 1
3. Yes i saw you coming
4. Yes who does taste better than whom.
5. Yes on the 4th or the 19th.
6. Yes by definition but i dont take it in full length.
7. Yes and thank you for noticing to ask so I can politely sin your emotional value known as feelings.