Thursday, June 26, 2014

What a safe date actually entails!

What is the consultation cost? Let us have a looksy.

First Time Meetings

A Sedan/SUV 1 day rental & Fuel
A hotel stay 1 day with room service or Take out.
A dinner reservation with entertainment amenities.
$300-$575 Average consult
$3,500 per Cycle*represents a group of consultations over 6 months.

*This interview reference is for the interest of a series of consultations, networking and Interviews.

*We submit itemization of expectation in locations, rentals, and incidentals to you for approvals and verifications.

*Consultations are an official review of entertainment services offered through Dhat Mistah Show. We manage and orientate private showcases.


You are focused and career oriented. Details are import but respect is equally appropriate until requested not to. Daring and proficient. Respectful of environment but feel the need to be the real you. Your attractive in your thinking and confident enough to value what you want. You like when you set up the borders because the safety in knowing your skill set is not deniable. You need your privacy so business remains productive. You have much to lose and need guarrantees. You like to smell good and a therapeutic massage is definitely what the doctor ordered. Fun is good and pleasurable is equally brilliant.