Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Eye Am Sinner Saint and Eye Bhe Fun Tee

Eye Bhe Fun Tee is a lifestyle of observation matrix building and repair anthem humor of rhythmic undertone. I have fun enjoying finding the bright side in it all without a desperation mask in front of the movements. It's less classical.

Where eye see mai sef is the pun. The mirror is all eye see in me from the view of you. Your reaction is my reaction and eye must speak to you only as eye can speak to me from within. We share the same points from the combined views but still see from a pun view.

Each pun view is a measure as is value is a measure. The summation from the combined views result an experience. The experience entails the reactions of all actions.

Now you are in vision and no longer blind. Your reactions from your surroundings are your measures. The pun is your steward to changes positive over negative as is negative over positive. It is up to you.