Sunday, September 28, 2014

I am thinking of the wrong things when i think of you in my life!

There are so many ways to dive into a pool or body of water. I choose to watch the splash. What makes me smile is knowing I am actually very accurate in my detail findings of observation in people as they place things abroad. The only truth I accept about any of these things is the following truth i am about submit in my posting you are currently digesting. *The direction or advice geared at me should only contain exactly what will increase my financial pockets for this very measure is my main problem to my everything else.

I do not need your executive opinion nor do i request it without speaking directly to you and requesting it! There is always another way than the way we are aware of. There is always a way that happens even though we find it hardest to believe. There is always what you do not know and it is regardless of your knowing. There is more to your opinion than what you think. There is what actually is because of your opinion.

I watched a person not recognize the impact of their behaviors and through my silence I listen to them come full circle and say the very point i was initially making with them in defense of the misappropriated view of opinion. When this happens I smile knowing I am okay in my reasoning. I would like to get past this step of people. I will walk my path and remain in peace of knowing the route. That being said here are a few thoughts I have had when encountering walls of opinion:

*NIGGER - I didn't ask you for your permission to find out if I can protect me best I know how when it comes to having money to make purchases.

*MOTHERFUCKER - I didn't ask you what would you do if you were me in this situation. I merely answered your question when you asked me what's wrong.

*THIS BITCH HERE - Aye! Who in the world ask you to think for me what I need to do with my time, my money, my hair, my skin, my muscles, my feet, my socks, my shoes, my health, my car, my edge up, my beard, my dinner plate which i save the meat for later when i only want to eat the vegetables because i don't feel like eating any meat right now, my white women who love how i taste especially when i am following a yoga routine which includes fruit drinks and massage oil?

*NOBODY ASKED YOU - so why you steady trying to tell me what i need to do when you are the one who is complaining about every part of their life and what it is showing to you about what it feels about you.