Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sinner Saint's "Love First or Love Last" where do you put your money?

I believe if I already know where my money is and what purpose i am storing it up for to serve at a better advantage in the same purpose, me not releasing every dime at a whims request does not make me cheap nor inappropriate. If we are as KIM LANKFORD nails it, we are being correct.

 I think that the past 180 years of generations we abandoned the only reason i should hear the words i love you which i value more than the money.  Love me? because i got some money, enough money, all the money, more money or less money than you -i think its twisted. Having any money for me to not be trampled on by the rest of the world...don't make me cheap...makes me know where i need to be. You want a Coach purse and a car note paid so you can brag to yourself and your friends and i'm cheap because i needed that money to go towards in case there ain't no way to make money days. People in todays times have crossed boundaries in premature stages of relationship building which begins completely with understanding. Unless a person is a fortune teller to actually see everything of what a book cover is when you first think about reading the book there is no way to know everything. There is however, the repeat group of those who repeat the same patterns and yes over time it is easier to gauge the style of discipline used to govern monies such as the word cheap, frugal, random, impulsive, and a few other disciplines in banking.  The amount of words i used to explain exactly my view is the amount of patience it is required to be involved with a mind like the one i have. It doesn't stop. How long before you leave me because what you first so called loved in me in how i speak and what i speak about has now turned into your frustration because you are not getting how much money you want at a first request?  My point is money is more than crucial now and spending it on just in case she is the one, is not business professional. Knowing that she is the one to spend my money on is the one. But the one has to know she is the one for me because she already knew she is the one for me. So dating means let's take a look. The reality is super heroes don't need sidekicks who don't kick. They only have to keep rescuing damsels in distress. Are you a damsel in distress which is why you need his revenue and simply not his love. Where is your money ladies? Where is his money ladies? Build a house is better than waiting to have a house built. I know what's in the house i built.  Take time the right way and build a house because what good is have a house with no roof or a roof with no house.   :) i wish ya'll could hear my voice saying this because you would love me....right now you can't. lol

Sinner Saint's "Love First or Love Last" where do you put your money?
*This was initially in a post comment section and felt that since it was this much it should be its own post.
"...continued from Would you date a man who made you wait 90 days before spending money on you.....a healthy debate began and was rewarding to hear ladies."
Spend money on you means pay a bill on a repeat basis, dining, entertainment, travel and a few others. The honest women understand this and they approach men with this understanding up front searching for the one who agrees. Ya'll frown at her for this. Why? Isn't she doing it right if money is the only way these things can happen casually with short planning and quick timing? The confusion comes in when it is said that money isn't everything, when it is if love was not the initial and only reason to be with this person you stare at into their eyes everyday hoping to never change this view because it soothes you or inspires you and understands you and knows you and you knew it the moment you laid eyes on them that one day when everything was one way and boom out of nowhere here is this one here. I hate to admit it ladies but I think i might have just given up on finding the woman who can prove to me she is for me be i in the money or not in the money that it was always going to be me and i just don't seem to have that and am forced to look at all opportunities as a gamble which means you are a bet i place to see how the horse will run the race today. What are the signs of a healthy horse. What are the qualifications of health and horse. How much does a horse eat. What does horse shit smell like and in my case taste like? Why have so many been raised to view themselves as a bet opposed to being raised to know they are not a gamble? How did honesty turn into shame? Why is she ashamed to be more patient and take the time it takes to keep her natural hair the way she wants? Why is she processed into an assembly line of timing for men to keep up with other women who have the look naturally? The only ones whom should actually be wearing wigs or weaves are the ones whose hair by natural reasons leaves blemishes that are too painful to look at by the one who has them. Healthy 14 year old girls are putting hair in their hair and pull it so tight they have no sides because of the practice handed down to them by the entire community. Why is she believing she needs to look a certain way opposed to seeing the way she looks. She has so many other healthy appearance safe options like paper bags and pillow cases with holes cut out of them. If she uses that we know up front to speak to her about her concept and help her find other ensembles. We taught her to hide from what she is feeling about her self and to keep covering it up because if she is lucky some day this super hero in shining armor on a white horse will give her a lot of things and she will be so lucky to have them. Then we turn around in the same day and tell her how a man who doesn't fit that description is a bust and to get out of it.....get out of him.....take what you can get.....steal....instead of telling her about what is healthy relationship building and how to know if someone is right for you without using money. We don't sit down and ask our children do they love them..self...and then watch their response....we means more than one person is involved so don't think this is directed at all women because it is. It is directed at all of the women. Women can only teach women about women to be the best woman so that mankind has the best women! -i'll wait-