Sunday, October 26, 2014

digital bootleg audio using a smartphone with unknown reording app, beats by dre headphones, and a laptop

I am in bad shape and need creativity to deliver me. The moral of my story is to never doubt your intentions when you know you are righteous in them. The upload I am attempting to submit right now is one of a .wma file. The recording is a brainstorm idea I had not realized meant more to me than the few words used as lyrics to the loop. I ended up with an entire concept and dance by the time I finished running on the adrenaline from the music. "Make Bank - Make Dollar" is my introduction single. The song is a dance song based on the life style of a self employed driver service "Mr. Charles." The video concept will entail other selfie users who record video of themselves performing the audio be it in a dance, a move, a mime, etc.  I will mash them all up and present a total project video with audio compatible to industry standard using .mp3 files and a simple service known as

Mistah Boogii Productions
Sinner Saint Entertainment
KBGI Studios 69 on ya mickey fickey dial
Mr. Charles 817-264-7554 "A Drive you can trust to ride." 24/7 on call service