Friday, January 16, 2015

I love u and only want the best for you. I see u doing big things. It just don't feel like I'm all n your life. Don't be mad at me. I need to be something to. Don't know what yet. But I know I can't focus on me when I'm really focus on u didn't mean to hurt you at all. U don't need all this shit right now anyway. I will never get away from the reason why I love you. Just want to focus on me and j the way I focus on trying to be one with you. U will probably never know how hard it really is for me. How bad I really wanted us to work. u didn't let me say it all. But I didn't want to stop seeing u. Just can't stay in limbo all the time. Crazy I know. I'm crazy. I understand if u don't want to b around me right now. U focus on u. But please don't hate me. I'm still she and u still he. We just ant we.