Friday, January 2, 2015

change the biggest little thing

am i wrong for dis ladies. i want to be wrong but people are a lot more wrong than I am wrong.
love: doesnt barter expression
sale: a barter of exchange between goods n services, etc.
*as long as the mind believes the phrase "atleast not for free" it is as bartered.
that would rebuild an increase in a following of better men.
if men are being raised by single, abused, broken women who are forced to abandon common sense and by faith value systems designed to protect & grow the spirit mind, why would any statement thus far be considered offensive or even lude? The courage of man through his allegiance to a higher standard in self has transitioned to aesthetics and pride from only a benefit in appearance is nurtured. There are many complete positives. The question this writer leads in with remains simple.
Do you want me to love you or do you want me to pay you? You can not have both for one move! i refuse that cake n eat it to attempt at an immature reach for power or control.  Your frustration is natural. The area of concern is the bewildering sound of false information perceptioned as truth when you attempt to fluster your way through to get your way.
Technique is all a brother needs to receive from you. Technique requires disciplined methods for best results in application purposes.