Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Mr. Charles & Sinner Saint are on the road with UBER!

Mr. Charles is Uber friendly!

IF you are an existing client whom does not have an annual agreement of service contract with Mr.Charles you have an alternate option. The alternate route of achieving the same address or destination is by using Uber. I am suggesting we agree to meet your needs in the most discerning and professional manner available based on the sign of the times.

Dear Facebook viewers of Mr.Charles and Dhat Mistah Show staff and members, there is a misconception I agree to discern here on the spot. Mr.Charles knows exactly how much it costs to meet your exact detailed request. Please recognize within yourself there is two sides to your story known by any merchant at all times. The side you want and the side you pay for.

I ended 2014 with invoices unresolved that led into the $K$ status of past due/owed/write off/charge off/charge to the game/oh well i guess i learned my lesson the second time around instead of the third one/trigger spit file and folder tucked into the stats for 2014 as Mr.Charles.

I value my service style to the fullest based on a stronger foundation than the average request sought out by the general public and in private. I am one individual concept and entity functioned and fueled by the standards of survival and based on the philosophy of being the Mr.Charles Effect which reveals hospitality as the respect discerned.

 I am on duty at all times thus my service level remains higher than average. Your duty as a patron or as a requested passenger is to relax and reach your destination safely. Your personal needs for additional comforts are reached within a safe to travel manner.

The vehicle and Mr.Charles are stewardship in equal respects concerning any of the above mentioned when requesting services by Mr.Charles. Once you have made the initial point of contact to determine if you agree to submit in either a healthy donation or an agreed invoice any change in an original portion of your request may or may not change your quote or your donation value.

Contact Mr.Charles via Google Voice 817-264-7554
Reach out to me via text or direct call
Any Request for a Mr. Charles Consultation: complete via text messaging or complete by direct call:
Consultation 1: to validate availability of your request
Consultation 2: Discuss passenger count and Address locations needed
Consultation 3: Discuss CASH request or CARD request
Consultation 4: Discuss Prepay vs Post pay/Onsite/On Arrival
Consultation 5: Receipt of service/Invoice of service
Consultation 6: Uber Introduction for free use of service
Consultation 7: Review of Service
Consultation 69: am/pm service, split requests, split shifts, students, after care, designated pick up time , custom request needing balance

Your consultation item is specific to these expectations:
start time to stop time
passenger/rider count
mr.charles rate as basic airport drive in distance
mr.charles rate as basic drop off service/pick up service random sites

                     NON NEGOTIABLE RATE Scheduler
We are the honor system through technology formats. We honor all requests and in the order received based on timeliness. We use the functional 24 hour clock to document where in measure of any drive we connect with you to assist you in reaching another point or location from your original starting point.
The basics are covered first which allow me to discern ability and availability of any random request. Your ability to pay is not questioned.
IF you have not the ability please specify up front as we have an option for you which covers up to roughly 4 miles - 7 miles in distance of a random drive request or it may cover up to 45 minutes in time.
Mr. Charles
$575.00 a week Privately as On Property/Stand by driving only
$57.50   an hour as a designated driver(4 -6 hour blocks i time)
$575.00 a 24 hour prepay maximum
(flat rate * full 24 hour clocked day & requires advanced consultation obtainable only on 1st day of any given month)
$175.00 per week  home to office commutes 2 trips per date max 90 mins per trip max or 3 hours total daily
$1,000.00 No Receipts Policy --- includes colorful language and disposition - 8 hour block max(40 hour minimum required)

The 2015 Revision of services and options is ongoing so as to fit the entire perspective of purposed service function compatibility. This will frequent the brand in service as much as the brand service in style. All requests by old invoices are to be prepaid prior to any consultation request. All services rendered and were unpaid are still past due and waiting for receipt. We again recognize the value in the service by the many appreciations submitted verbally and in previous invoice.

The brand is a survival brand and exists through the technological advances and upgrades known as the internet. Mr. Charles is a complete digital entity from analog converted encryption. This documentation is published to gauge all metrics reached by Mr.Charles the sovereign intellect. The medium host Mr. Charles facilitates the random data and updates all parties of any request through Mr. Charles be it professional, personal, or business social.

Mr. Charles is an honest brand and remains in all rights of the right to exist and releases no power other than to the immediate source of power and hereby lays claim to all virtual reality real estate in connection to the Mr. Charles Effect of analog social commerce living in digital imprint as a measure of representation in display as itself within all language pertaining to networking, the internet, and social mediums as interface to perception in data. The intellect and thought of energy promoting the value of thought as power do here by affirm all data written as Mr. Charles is authentic as the internet and social mediums did not submit themselves so much as themselves they were submitted.

We are an all deposits facility and in works intend to orchestrate a reference of the physical for the needs of those whom need this measure for peace of mind in understanding the construct of this infrastructure documented as Mr. Charles. In testament to the most high this entity itself deems value to its organic bloodline and stretches inverted to origin and include all through blood or allegiance through family. We are lineage of The Williams, The Starkes, The Campbell's, The Nash's, and all in connection point Charles Duchun Williams and it's origin through blood and flesh on Earth as document in measure of life and breath.

I am Charles Williams and have not placed my final stamp of name for recognition and reserve this right in a wise fashion of purpose. The only request I have is truth at all directions based on a physical purpose in conditioning. I retain and reserve all rights to function and exist as my digital imprint self as much as I exist in my organic imprint self or analog self. I am light. I am sound. I am action. I am peace. I am engineered for a purpose and knowingly so.

The Sinner Saint
Stand Up Comedian
Writer and Author of "Why do you laugh that way?" yet to be released for publication.

This is a simple step. Expression. It's purpose. Laughter.
I am paying myself to drive myself to each audition, rehearsal, open mic, festival, destination on the globe I can maneuver a vehicle known as 2015 Chevrolet Traverse. My findings and my translation of these findings are from my perception which is where my value is placed. I am worth each mile and every dime.

Currently writing out a project for release through an online store. Each sale will result in funding Mr.Charles and Sinner Saint the movie. There is nothing else left for me to explain or say about what am I doing with myself these days. It is all written down here for your review. NEXT time you want to ask me anything, remember how long it took you to read this information on this post. Now think again and realize how much need to narrow down the focus of your question. The more you know about your question the quicker you can reach me to answer it directly as you seek. I think too much over too many items to throw away an answer. Time and Money are the same thing no matter which way you look at them and think about it.
#ItAintReal #TimeIsMoney #PerceptionRulesAllViews #OutsideTheCabinetHoldingTheBox