Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Last Time

You basically said all of these points to me:
1. pnutt its taking too long and it shouldnt bcuz of how i believe it should only be.
2.  just be my friend
3. it wasnt supposed to work anyway
4. you cant possibly be able to make enough based on what i know about it....
5. we dont discuss all pnutts business
6.  other points that all point to minus, minus, minus
7. u done talking and must cook for the child
Pnutt's left to stand in all of it composed. Walks to potty then to car to continue working on never being kicked out by anyone ever again in life.
I am not a child nor a pet. I am a full blown male of 46 earth years. Im wise and im loving. Im practical and liberal. I see things and know things other will not. i am only as i know to be.
**Everything that makes one choose to love me ... is exactly the very dear things which pushes one away from me. I never lied about what i know ... still not enough. ********