Saturday, February 20, 2016

New Feels Refreshing

Im buying my clothes $150 per 2 weeks 4 times out the year up to 12 times per year. Khakis, socks, shirt, ball cap, wearing Dallas, Texas, Mavericks,  Stars, and Cartoons or American branding such as the Flag. This is me as an invisible man to the general public but as either Sinner Saint or Mr.Charles to you the individual. There is only those 2 reasons by name that you know me unless you met me or viewed me in person as the designated experience.

Sinner Saint The Movie ftrng Mr.Charles is now the lead assignment and campaign directory.  When you see me in the movie it will be obvious to only me how beautiful it all looks in expression. It only takes thought to see as eye see eye one eye at an eye level.

I have better pics than this one