Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Dhat Mistah Show" May/June edition

"Dhat Mistah Show" is brought to you by Truth Serum mineral water when your body needs to be set free use "Truth Serum" mineral water. Todays entry is from Suave House Barber Shop in Ft.Worth,Tx. There is hair on the floor and its hot outside. The music is grooving and the tv is tubing as normal. People frequent in and out as the bootleggers walk about. You can always tell what's going on in the community by listening to the communication pieces we the hood prefer to listen to or discuss. These are the same topics upper classmen speak over except with one major exception and that is how much money they stand to gain or lose from the deal. The only deals being made by the hood count are often the local score from the neighborhood pharmaceutical distributor, knock off designer fashion accessories, jewelry pieces, and bootleg cd's. What this writer would like to see is the average hood patron become what eye term as a hood saint. "Hood Saint" is one whom despite the trials and tribulations of being hood remains true to God intellect and rises above it all with the heart and wisdom to remain a pillar for the up and coming hood saints so that the wisdom is passed down the lineage of this hood so that it has the true opportunity to thrive and prosper. The true Hood Saint is mentally capable of recognizing and facilitating the strength it takes to know one is more than his or her surroundings because we are all created in his/her image as it is the very they or we needed to see the extreme truth! If you are not striving to be like God what is your true purpose? I was reminded earlier this week (month) why I am so hung up on making music, making love, and making a difference. The dream never dies as long as one can dream. Keeping hope alive is keeping the dream alive. Hope to me is the possibility that I am closer to the dream turning true than not. "Dhat Mistah Show" will be releasing some musical pieces in hopes that the essence of it all can be felt. The subject choices are not new but the direction just may be. If you happen to get a copy respond to me and let me know what dhat is! God is...