Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Business or Talent...Which needs more work!?

The question i posed to my own self simply because I knew it was required.  Regardless of the actual ability one must know how to harness and with a finess streamline such talents.  The most important thing to do with your talent or any talent is to discipline the thoughts surrounding the talent.

Distractions come in many shapes and forms. The easiest way to remove distractions is to remain steadfast in one absolute most important thought and harness it's speech through your talent.  Trial and tribulation is designed to test your dedication to this one thought.  IF it is truly the essence of your thought process trials and tribulations will display to you from within how much focus you truly have to succeed in your ambition and achieve your goal.

Discipline is actually fun and doesn't hurt.  It's all in your mind. What you believe hurts you can actually hurt mentally if you allow it to be a heavier thought than the action.  Emotions are fuel to every thought process known to man.  What is often forgotten by men and women alike is how to remain focused inside of each emotion.  This step requires a small day to day motion of silence and recognition.  Simply meditate on your goal with a visual of success depicting all your steps to achieve your goal.  Breathe deeply and exhale knowing you recognize opposition as a measure of strength you hold in your possession. 

You hold the key to every metric for success.  Simply walk up to the door.  Knock a few times.  IF there is no response, then you ring the door bell.  If you do not get a response then nobody is home.  IF nobody is home check with the county tax accessor to verify if it's for sale and buy the home.  Then the city will give you the key to open the front door without tresspassing.

Do you to the fullest of your ability and the fullness of your ability will do you a complete justice. Mind over matter.

charles williams