Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dj Hatsim "Eye Lyrical"

Absolute Abstract
Metaphysic Emblems Eternalistic Tourism Independent Nibbles Galore
i'm for
the truth and more
as the score counter measures
the entertainment bore,
and while we on the record 
i'm loving the real,
absolute hindereance
to a propositioned pill.
Keep moving in the groove and against the grain,
allow no measurement
to cross the plain
and compromise the motivation of
the vexed and
the suffering
i'm bufferring as i climb the chain,
no reason for me to consumeor proper for the roster
as we consumate
the cultivations of a lame
side bar
my fate
the absolute in aeronautics
made my constant bait
infusioned tears
manifest by a blessing of gears
insoluble masked group
of thy chosen peers
quasar to the dawns light
first time eye believe that I'm mic'd
eye can see the true plight
all aboard for the chore
spoken word tonite
all in sight
peripheral aesthetics
i'm on my write!


Chapped wind like stick all across these lips on the mouths of the few mabey if they split their lip like Kip Big Boy that grip there shall be no more when you flip more for the pages a score kept knit. The rule was they hoped that the game didn't count no more , but the truth of course shall remain, a spirit side tracked cannot keep your door open forever mayne untamed for the last time and always searching for a blessed mind, to rhyme without season for the truth is the reason there shall never be a need to the polynesian styled sea food or kosher for locks i shall always bagel cream cheese with no socks. Eye blocks their glocks by keeping up with the hocks no receipt is required the elevator don't stop tic toc my hop is hip no rock of back and forth to clean my mop the true grit of good grime shakes with a true hip of good times im blind no more 3rd eye style keeps me key all doors a twist for the sound of earned right left combinated algorhythymed shores i'm floored...Mistah STay Free