Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hey Baby

Written by Dj Hatsim of Dhat Mistah Show

Hey baby
Cute lil baby
My now you grow
How now baby
You and ME baby
talk about your growth
There will be things you are going to see
The light may reveal what it means

Hey baby
beautiful baby
Mind now how you grow
Now wow baby
You and teeth baby
Take a bite of it all but don't chew up the place
Keep your pace and learn with grace
Everything is going to digest one day

Hey baby
God's gifting
I believe it to be
The most awesome
Because you still see
I wish I could hear you baby
what you think
All those jewels from heavens sink

Hey there baby
Keep wandering baby
We are going to need all you see
The life we live has gotten lost in tears
Hey now baby
I hope you can hear
all the truth
Release into the atmosphere
Please now baby
don't be afraid
all I have is All I have made
My mind is up and everyday
I am going to need your grace

Hey there baby
beautiful baby
loving baby
caring baby
giving baby
have fun baby
love you baby
love you baby!