Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where is Mistah Boogii,Sinner Saint, and King Deuce?

Glad you asked dear listener.

Mistah Boogii (M7Bii) is awaiting studio time to record the over due album project which at this time will be self titled.  There are so many issues and concerns to speak on and bring a message to that creativity sometimes is lost in the message or the message is lost in the creativity. Boogii has realized to himself he must remain true at the most molecular moment of his existance as well as remain true to his belief of The Most High.

Sinner Saint is currently on an Open Mic Tour across the southwest district and arts district.  Not to fret as Sinner Saint is doing double duty and writing a script for an also self titled production.

King Deuce in currently in studio with Boom Bap Nation producing an album project titled .... you guessed it...King Deuce "Reign of The Homegrown"

Stay tuned as I leak a few items from Sinner Saint, Boom Bap Nation, King Deuce, and Mistah Boogii as they all continue to keep true to the heart of what is music, art, and life as we know it.