Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sinner Saint Tour


One day I was sitting in a physical rehab office and couldn't help but listen to the thoughts of a person who believed.....get this....President Obama is going to lead America back to England because of Obama-Care and his belief of Social pages.

Sinner Saint:  Let's skip past the facts or fiction of Obamacare and let's skip past going back to England and simply look at the belief.  This educated sounding woman with a straight face in tone and enunciation stated...."because of his belief in Social Pages!?

  • There is not one person who actually states and knows factually why they are against Obamacare other than they prefer to have poor people suffer and they want to be rich so they can charge richer prices in healthcare, and other domestic affairs of this country.
  •  The average american by the year 2029 will make less than working Americans of today but pay more for healthcare and pornography.
  • Movies will cost $15 flat and a large popcorn will cost the same
  • Marijuana will still be illegal but a Supreme Court Ruling will lift the identification currently required on Cigarette or Tobacco products of health risks for using product
  • Slave Trades are at an all time high for prostitution, and mining of poppy fields
  • Kidnapping will become the new war on drugs
  • KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken will change its receipe for harvesting to increase portion size and profits
  • Haliburton will become the new fast food chain for office furniture
  • Q-tip changes it's format of apperance by simulating an Ankh which in fact makes cleaning out ear wax safer and increases profits by 800%!