Friday, December 14, 2012

The Tragedy, The Question, The New Year

Today's posting is brought to you by the writer in an attempt to win you over and connect with you in an honest format.  These next postings may be very short or very long. Either way you look at it know that the phrases and formats of words by this writer is solely the mindset of this writer and does not in any way influence the ability to rise above all obstacles in conjugation or synonyms. Let's the phrase begin.

December 14th, 2012 earlier of the days morning a lone gunman brought horror to hundreds as his sole choice to cease life ended the day for many unwarranted deaths of young children.  The body count is irrelevant as the truth remains factual that we the people can not wrap our minds around such an act.  There are so many unanswered questions as the gunman at the end of his clip took his very own life.  Myself being a parent find nothing humorous about this matter. I as a concerned citizen still believe in my right to bare arms as should many.  What I as the writer do not hear enough in dialogue is a zero tolerance policy implemented at all grade levels.  What ailments mentally plagued this individual to find a point in life where confidence, pain, anger, and exit chose an elementary school to display to the world this discontent of personal experience as homosapien. 

The question I have for you is Do You Use  I'm curious as to how many people are actually interacting with their myspace accounts.  Myspace had a boom of interest and lost it as it's quest to incorporate traditional business ethics into a web page, has turned its appeal into a wrapping thrown away after the candy bar has been consumed.  There are so many things on the page now that seizures have possibly been reported along with mental anguish lawsuits.  What does a myspace page do for anyone any longer considering Twitter and Facebook along with other genre'd social pages have grown in abundance.  Instagram and Pinterest are the new kids on the block to basically say here's a picture.  Myspace turned into an international friend fest contest and musicians phone book which has now taken the same seat as the once known and famous Yellow Pages.  The question I have is when does any of these social networks recognize the truth of their success.  We as the people enjoy freedom to customize but not be cluttered with advertisements at all directions.  Facebook may turn into NoFaceBook if it does not consider the power of simplicity.  Twitter shall remain successful as it has one complete concept. Type it. Tweet it. Read it.  Facebook become famous internationally as people were finding one another after years of separation.  It was not known or grew to be famous because it wants to make money with advertising. 

Fiscal Cliff's, Awards shows, Honey Boo boo's, and Housewifes of Anything, and 2 Terms have to say the least represented a tradition in America.  We do anything for entertainment.  Why would anyone make a movie about a killing of a person who in secret is a hero to millions who do not prefer the prosperity of this nation known as the United States of America?  People are back to spending as if the threat of an economic collapse cannot repeat itself or like many viruses grow in mutation.  What will you the reader do to promote healthy economics in your new year of opportunity.  I myself the writer have committed to a transition in thinking by enrolling in school, cutting my locks, and giving up relationships with women for 3 years or until successful whichever comes first, no pun intended!  There is so much to gain and even more to lose as the sky is the limit but if global warming and the mayan calendar have its way it will all be over soon as realists are nervous and take it serious as Texas does its football!