Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Sinner Saint

Sinner Saint here as my open, honest, and dialogtical mind I have been influenced by the minds of black america to speak these words with sincereity, clarity, and love.  Until you can see it for yourself, you are always going to complain about the change you need to make.  Here is why I speak these words.

Thanks to social media exposure I personally am able to see and hear the minds of america on any or all topics of America.  Here is what I want to say before I get too involved with word selection.  Black America you are too stubborn for your own good.  Since 1969 Black America you have personally had time to accumulate revenue, positions, and governance which at this point in history would support you in your plight of health care, education, employment, economics, celebrity, and more. 

I'm saying your stubborn because you are refusing daily to recommit to educating the masses in weaker positions of self sufficientcy simply because you didn't have to do it.  You are still to this day afraid to do it by yourself.  We as a people of transitions are always waiting on Jesus's return and are quick to make someone's appearance our salvation.  Every age group in Black American does not want to be told what to do. Why? Human nature.  It's in all of humanity's nature to rebel when overstanding is not present at the point of time in which a choice has to be made.  Minister Farrakahn tried to explain to you from an area of overstanding which has more truth than you can swallow. There are many names in which due to lack of knowledge were receiving the most opposition from the very group in which it's aim was to uplift in multiple areas of survival.

Traditions were removed over 800 years ago for the purpose of puppeteering, which to this very day, has the group as a collective by the strings.  Here's a little math.  If 1,000,000 citizens collectively establish themselves as a business of partners and contribute to their partnership funding $100 monthly for 4 years consecutively, which the sole purpose is to growth, the group of business men and women are now as a whole valued at minimum $4,800,000,000 which does not include interest, investments, returns, and other business items which calculate value and worth in finance. $4.8 billion dollars in 4 years.  Now multiply the $4.8 billion by a formula which based on 100,000,000 citizens who donate $10 each month to this very same country and continue this for 100 years.
The end result is a Disciplined Faith Based leveled playing field which created and sustained itself to reconstruct living conditions, and employment. 

I can write about this forever. I can speak about this even longer. What I am not physically purposed to do is be Jesus and remove your cloake of ignorance and fear. You have to seek the truth within your very genetic code and social influence to find the truth in you.  Be honest. If you don't want to see the world improve the right way, then commit to it publicly and say why.  Give us all the data you have so we can see how it happened and know where the truth needs to be reinforced in care, employment, economics, education, self defense, discipline, military, government, parenting, worship, and more.  If you don't have an honest well thought out approach which includes meaninful incentives and purpose, then please know your fellowship will surfice when the right agenda is required of either your dollars bust most of all your sense.