Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Monday with Sinner Saint

Today is just as special as your favorite breakfast cereal twice.  Personally for me I combine Cap'n Crunch with Fruity Pebbles for that extra punch of kiddy fun innocence in my mornings.  Two hours of absolute power surge right before nap time and crackers.  Today is your day to know our thoughts here at Dhat Mistah Show.  Thought of the weak, Todays deal, and my favorite "In My Dream" will be the new trends of this blog's postings as well as other needed posts from other venues. 

Spoke to 2PAC
Still on truth
It was a movie we are in
2 kids, ghetto, trying to make it, talking on why blacks work for whites as the entertainment remains industry imbalanced.

"This was completely vivid with voice and all. We were walking along in a community of buildings and parks and as we approached this one particular building we were discussing why are we still selling each other out simply to be in front of the camera or treated in a special way. The rest of it was satire and commentary but the truth remained evident.  We as a whole are not confident enough in each other to believe we are equal in achieving importance."

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Thought of The Weak
"I wish I had the strength to wash my hands.

"Please put a better hairline in your Lace Front product.  These women don't realize how impactful an authentic hairline is and what it does for the moral of the viewer stuck with choosing the words to describe their mind opposed to the look on their face when this product is scene for the first time.  It's bad enough their hair and the weave don't match, but insult to injury by removing hairline simply puts a bad name on wig's in general. So please, help us all and update a new format to the lace front and put a hairline in it.  #TiredOfTheFishBowlWithHair