Friday, November 1, 2013

"The Question Involves The Reality of The Possibility Being Closer Than Assumed" by Sinner Saint

"The Question Involves The Reality of The Possibility Being Closer Than Assumed" by Sinner Saint is the exact question eye currently pose based upon all the data thus acquired from my origin of research on the subject matter pertaining to "what is freedom based on" and "who knows the truth?"

Here goes. If I am technically by the laws and government a business based upon my identification stamps of social security, public safety records/driver license, and more am I deemed a criminal for refuting such identification based on my spiritual knowledge and data stemming from "There is a God either way we look at it" and "One Nation under Whom?"

Here is what I opted as a medium of both organic and non organic being man vs. machine, or freedom vs. business ethic and rights. If I basically identify myself through all "digital media life forms such as email address, internet contact hosting and dialing options, social media profile forums, along side world wide web internet address residency* as a digital online entity retaining all rights to operate and exist as such entity be it involved with business matters of a scaled nature of personal matters of a public speaking nature.
*Virtual Reality Profile- Security Protocol for physical address digital address transition postal Hosting. The process acts as a face plate for a physical address. The virtual reality address is eternal as the internet and unregulated. The hosting acts as a identity security guard. An alias profile is established as the entity for "identity theft prevention assistance" and filters all attempts to unveil or secure your organic data and privy data of existence as required by united states government in all areas civil and non civil.

Eye personally want to retain the rights to exist as an entity without requirement of being a physical person when it comes to obtaining, utilizing, or facilitating any standards such as consumerism and public service. Eye retain the digital right to exist as a digital entity and conduct all affairs in such manner based upon the freedom to exist regardless of my organic location on the planet Earth.