Monday, November 4, 2013

Sinner Saint "The Official U-Haul Show"

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys & Girls, Dudes and Dudettes

Sinner Saint is full time after Spring 2014. A lot of people are not going to like me but it's always been that way. There are those of you who will immediately judge me and that has not changed either. I am done with impressing or catering to alter ego driven ambition of social negligence and counter productive satire produced by the mass of malignant tumors known as haters. Yes. I said it. You hate out of fear. You don't hate out of wisdom or your kenship to the higher power you believe you serve. You for some reason decide that because you don't have a grasp as to why someone says or does what they do that it must not be right, when in fact, we are never right to begin with, as long as we claim itsy bitsy artifacts of information such as my hood, my hair, my clothes, my car, my jewelry, my pastor, my school (elementary, junior high, high school, college) and transmit this claim as superior when in fact we are only separated by choice or separated by destiny for the soul reason of purpose!  I will be speaking to you with a clarity you won't quite grasp until you are still in your mind enough to hear God's whisper and know for yourself if the word you hear is Gospel!  
First show will be recorded in a U-Haul storage in High Definition for Youtube medium purposes. Your views will be highly appreciated. I will discuss topics of the mind, the body, the spirit, and most of all the heart! Click my links each month just to debate amongst yourselves and ask "What is he talking about?" and notice the stimulus in your circles!