Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Birthdate May 14th Daughter of Mine

Happy Birthday My Heart I bought you a ticket.
Its not a plane
Its not a train
Its not a mouse
Its not a warrant (doesnt rhyme but its true)
Its in a mall down the hall where i tested it out for you. I had no idea it would not appear as simple as hoped to me. That once i walk thru with the ticket for you to use instead it took me. So as a second try i gave money to a guy who said will get one for me. Well that was on monday around 3pm at the corner of Zang and Beats. I shant i cant i ant give in to a chance i'll make you frown, so I'll give you this dub i found in a glove bedazzled in rhinestones and teeth.

There is no gift to explain what eye feel for when it comes to you I know I would give my life that you will live to know my heart is you.