Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dedicated to my Career Choice

Sinner Saint's "The Joke that Didn't Work"
Improv Edition

*Thank you for allowing me to stand before you and express myself in full disclosure and nude. I want to talk about one small concern i have with single parent dating. You are not single at all. You been dating your child a whole year now. You treat him like he is in an adult relationship with you; ring and all.

"He is your child and not your boyfriend."
He's changed chemically and his genitalia makes him see boobs, booty, and touches. You may want to stop bathing him. He's 14 now and momma-when the light hits you at a certain angle the only thing in focus is A Boner and where to place it.

The thing about this natural stage of development is the boy is not aware emotionally his feelings. Here is how you help him. Ask him if he thinks you are attractive. Ask him if you were not related would he have sex with you. If he says yes and yes, you are by law required to protect this child.

Weird him out by doing these proven steps to a healthier child.

No. 1 Give him a shot of Wild Turkey
No. 2 Give him The Special massage;      by hand only
No. 3 Hypnotheraphy to remove memory of event
No. 4 Never acknowledge it

Here is why. Subconsciously all love is attached to mom. If boys could love their mommas they would; until fat and ugly arrives bcuz vanity is a youthful trait.  Allowing the subconscience to experience the event or moment and then move on is healthier than letting this one moment define his entire mind instead of build his mind.

I am not an incest advocate. I am an opportunist and if your scenario is custom made you have options.

- all eye am speaking of -