Sunday, May 11, 2014

Internet: Future?


This writing started with an assignment from my instructor L. Baker of D.C.C.C.D. campus. The question posed was “what is the future of the internet or the web?” I searched the campus database using Boolean search technique and submitted by query as “internet + web + future AND 2012-2014” and received a 34 count result. The article I stumbled over allowed me to expand my thoughts.

Works Cited
Davies, Pippa. “Engaging Students in the Heritage Christian Schools Learning Commons.” Teacher Librarian 5th ser. 41.4: 16-20. Teacher Librarian. Web. 11 May 2014. .

This article discusses the natural progressions and findings of implementing and utilizing a distance learning reality. The faculty and student body both learn and share interesting results. The excitement is the interaction among both groups as they both gain insight to the other side through virtual learning. The positive effects are inspiring as the numbers reveal who learns best and how. The wheel is not actually reinvented but the rotation of the wheel spins at a more streamline interval. This reality is full duplex learning.

The article is an excellent vantage point of the concerns and functions of distance learning.  The article itself is based on a Canadian school system but is quite relevant to all schooling systems. The numbers involved in the article are quite interesting but to sum it up are quite obvious. We all are different with advantages and disadvantages of learning. The common law function of internet use detail the variables of purpose or reasoning used to access or remain connected to the web.

Home schooling will have a completely different view once we are all on board from parent to administrator. Policies of course will be custom enhanced settings to protect data sources and networks virtual and physical. There will be standard policy in place to govern behavior and to maintain standards of nurturing a young mind into a wise one. There will need to be a review of the relationship between social networking and traditional socializing. How does a child receive proper human care if the child never leaves its imaginary cubicle?

The future of the internet for this writer is one which will force itself to rediscover interaction among humanity.  A coed global classroom may be the next obvious common place step. There are many classrooms which do this now as an exchange program. A class for English and Spanish may involve a student body comprised of several different nations and countries for the same coursework and interaction. The next generation of students will have more insight to one another than before as bonds and partnerships will emerge from early on. 

The article in itself provides an accurate and honest look at results and teachings of distance learning. The best part I enjoyed was the healthier thinking produced with the materials of reading. Although the classroom is virtual and online it promotes healthy thinking and allows the personal touch many students need. I personally am not a faster analyst and require time until I have the concept locked in. The availability for me to obtain the information and tools I need with a 24 hour always open education center is perfect.

I recommend reading this article to gather an excellent reminder of where to look forward to in improving our education all around. A better mind of people increases the opportunity for better minded thoughts.