Tuesday, August 5, 2014

All I'm Going To Do Is

I can sit here and go over angle after angle and approach after approach about what I recall as what went wrong and what went right. It will not matter because I am smitten.

You are going to walk in. I will see you. My spirit will feel you. My heart will melt. My mind will then beg you and beg you and beg you to see the real me when I think on you.
I will be screaming at the top of my heart in its begging plea of love, all the while I am sitting quietly to observe every aspect of your presence. I am smitten.

I review your opinion with my open heart. I hear your every word and its placement. I make no judgements only intake. I then apply to memory your opinion and label it "duely noted." Where I go from here is inward with an outward disposition.

I walk silently. I pray quietly. I meditate then smile up to my heart of hearts and whisper with a struggle and say "thank you."