Sunday, August 3, 2014


are you actually lying by accident
you request my presence
you request my mind
you request my very little money
you get angry at me based on your expectation of you which hurts because the struggle never goes away
you claiming real woman but you know it takes a real woman to be honest and open with best intentions

eating is irregular with me bcuz im constantly thinking; just like a panic attack to me

dont front like you carrying this nigger
the only reason you talking shit is because your pride and your anxiety need the energy boost

when a woman refuses to hear me tell the complete and honest truth about exactly what happened to me and why; i have not the confidence in her to represent a bond

your own words was i was just gon be a little knock up or two that aint nobody trying to fall in love; and what did i say; i said thats what they all say; then u said u aint like other women

we been repeating your "angry at me" in the same cycles; like when its a week b4 school starts or ends; when your homie is coming in from out of town-which if he's just the friend why would u need me to be ghost until u say its clear-who hiding what

even worse you little fire cracker; u know for a fact i am working just as hard as you at getting back to the top

oh before u blast pnutt heavily make certain you remember the honest truth and not the truth you want people to hear just so you look good

eating alone;money; housing: you said you aint in no relationship; this means not obligated

so really i was to be your bitch and roll over

her smile
her skin
when she put a c note in my hand without me asking
her views
her flaws
her pains
her anguish
her laugh
her vulnerability
her listening
her interruptions
her loud
her quiet
her real body
her stretch marks
her ears
her nose
her chin
her shoulders
her ways
*My Love covers it all and receives it all.

i was asked "what is it you love?" and i say sex.
is that it? no it is not but guess what it reveals? the truth....anybody on earth can fake an orgasm but none can fake a rhythm with connection. you have to be in synch to maneuver the way we do. i am not afraid nor a punl or a weak individual. i push back but only after i haved waited long enough to see.

-god heard it all and seen it all-