Saturday, August 9, 2014

ballers balls

i swang balls by the gallon

three dudes at a water cooler in a cofee shop discuss what was heard at a sinner saint set.

he said he is balls deep swanging...
he said he is horny all the time...
he said he is wired he was deep with his this time around; how did he put it?

im wired in a way i gain strength from my wrongs. i was not breathing and was technically dead five minutes but due to my experience i became knowing and born again all rolled into a few point of favor by god directly. remember lazerous....yeah well kinda like that but not with all the placenta juice everywhere. anyway i in short live in dejavu but from a compartmentalized space through sleep and wake. apparently if i could remember more i could declare myself a psychic but cant because of the space on the brain that died thus causing a rewire in my brains development. i see my life in repeat and have learned what i can do and can do again because of it.
i grew up like this knowing why it places me in danger. my mother hid me from myself with love and allowed my self paced development skills to evolve and strengthen me;  these skills are the only reason i can talk write and text to people at all. the doctors wanted me on drugs and in a facility for "observation" ...

*yeah right; to disect me and lie to my family for free you mean;
*so we and our black asses are going to just read more books out loud to look like i blend in with being seen as balanced;
* i am as throwed off as a horse with a short leg for a hind quarter.

so now because of my techniques i balance society through creativity, humility, amnesty, reality, love, energy, sensuality;
*in respects to mr.charles; my personal brand for my techniques; ladies ;)

anyway i have a few , rather one draw or side effect;
*which makes me a man whore to ladies only.
i am always horny. i see good ... or even great ... and ... kuh-zingo ... top floor please!

*i cant keep one girl or even two because they all have to stop to learn how to walk again without patting the monkey nose!

*i been married 5 times to 3 women;
*they taking turns;
* each of them are signed to mr.charles the brand as massage artists;
* they each have in contract the understanding of attraction required to fit the brand image within the brand to synchronize the ideals of the brand without flaw fail or fervor;
*i dont even know what fervor means but its work

*each are required to complete a tour of duty in assignments and tasks to fulfill the mr.charles motto of truth;  balls swanging by the gal - lon!

*the point is we download music for a loving;
* a living;
*mr.charles is a stay at home dj who is summoned by female clients - to throw a house party and he records the party for promo purposes only -  *youtube commercials* - and then once the block is covered he charges extra as an after party be it individual or group; *one guy and all dem womenses.
*brilliant come back move for a guy who cant keep a job *because his penis is enlarged all day *which he says is because of how he cant stop thinking about how great god is to him for creating a way out of a bad way
*hey buddy! - its all dem womenses

*mr.charles 817-264-7554 lets take a spin for your birthday or play day and pay me to drive you places near or far from home.

Dj Session 4 - 6 hour block included
Consultations 30 minutes to 1 hour
individual or plus 1+
private or public
venue detailing may vary
includes designated driver to host; airport service (2) and 1 campaign or sponsorship for youtube campain venue marketing arena.

he only leaves the house to make more money or buy more vaseline with aloe vera.

Sinner Saint
once i left without a phone and came back to a funeral; we thought you were dead!"
*dayuum - in harmony too?!

i forgot my phone...they thought i was on the toilet til they realized no smells of incense were burning.

no ladies im alive; they all jumped me and massaged me and slapped me and massage me and slap me some more and massage me ... then pinch my butt.
*hurts sometimes ... them pinches add up.*

three dudes at the cooler in a cofee shop
*-* he was hilarious when he looked up in a daze as he said ... and massaged me. man he is crazy talkin about he only leave the house to get more money or vaseline with aloe...

*didnt your mom call him and he did her birthday party?
** yeah
*howd it go
** she couldnt stop ...  smiling ...
DAYUM; my moms yo?