Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sinner Saint "The Movie"

4 Sale 1 adult male

205 lbs
smiles n hugs owner
nibbles and bites by request
follow proper commands
house trained
dreamer and believer
respects you by name and by wishes
excellent for yard work, detailing and limosuine service
*loves cuddling and loving you, will protect you, trained not to argue you down to be right


Sinner Saint

Sooo...they want to change from time out to knock out in school for corporal punishment. Then place weapons on faculty and say to the students "trust the law" they wont shoot you for no good reason.
Why do we think there has grown a belief to enslave the citizen population with military surplus to keep them safe and secure?

*why not actually step up with updating the atmospheric conditions of learning facilities and increase enrollment by 88% simply by putting recess back in school?

the reason everyone gets mad so quick is because play time was removed. *thus y he games more than dates * thus why she tries so hard to move him to a fancy restaurant - 2play!

sex is more play & discovery thus y teen pregnancy is so high; causing an inflammation of needs; assistance; more breast milk & no.6 hair exyensions!

2 play is to release and enjoy your own thoughts again. We are rushed everywhere so others look better to their peers; pre k - college; marriage and a house; vacations and bigger fancier things;

Take away the play and make timmy work all days and nights and weekends and holidays and anniversaries and in sleet in rain in snow ; *unless you get a period - otherwise you out of luck. Ahhh - the power of a menstrual; zodiac killer; cramp my style; if jesus had a menstrual wouldnt be no cross - 2play is all im saying.

Food shelter attire and drugs are all we fight about; oh yeah...and who know God better than the next. When the real truth continues to reveal itself; *look at the one who stood to gain the most money the most power and the most facebook likes about how many tweets they have from their youtube videos.

I am leaving the ground and just live offline online!
-i'll wait-