Friday, August 8, 2014

i come here to write

the purpose of flow is to continue; the best thought i had today i lost in a poker game; my longest job ever was a dick named richard they kept shoving up my rectum with retorts of commands in servitudes just because they give me money to be something else 40+ hours a week; i hate sex because i dont have any so maybe if i had some i could see how it tastes again to know for sure; baby asassains known as drive thru challenged ex professional swimmer turned restaurant concierge can't read the pictures too well with the written words on it; 

i am sinner saint. i am comic here me joke it as found in a stumble up on it kind of definition or detail in front as well as in back of all present tense moments in time. i laugh because i look worse crying. i do not like certain things and in a tremendous fashion. i can not stand sitting down on the job as a stand up guy who remains seated in his posture on raising awareness on testicular massage envy - a tongued approach to kiss erection ratio purposed to measure tonsil boxing reflexologies and theories formulated to promote the stance on seated massage therapy.

im a leo; i quit smoking; today; 3 times; during break; the blunt went out; wet weed

i ate the ass of a butt when i was in college; she was so happy about it too because i didnt stop to graduate;
im enrolled in community college -  online - to cut down on my assenine output; gets pretty shitty
she is a college student also and is aware of the struggles of college life; finding good ass to eat these days is a challenge during open book exams;

i borrowed a lawn mower from a persons garage while no one was in the house and used my own gas i cyphened from another location and i cut someone elses lawn across the street for $25 to have gas money for a car i borrow from next door to another residence with cars there. i read the signs in the rear view.