Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Dear Future Wife,

I to this day thank The Most High for being transitioned into this realm & dimension where we can meet in the power of grace. The reasons I am in love are the same traits in my spirit which bind me to be loving. I am truthful when my vibration of sounds emits into calculated short rhythms which nurture & caress the true heart. I am always in love.
I have been kneaded and baked by the top chef of the universe. Although my cooking resume shows one dish, it is delightful & filling.
When our time to connect arrives in its purest fashion our moments will reflect the honesty of patience and endurance. Please be kind of my true heart as I am not hypnotized by the facades of mankind. I am knowing of my true descendantcy and gauge all activity accordingly. Tone, rhythm, light, & spirit paint all my portraits of comprehension.
When we become one we become scripture.

Future Husband