Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 23rd My Gwendolyn

Dedicated to my Mother in Christ of Heaven as I exalt thee thy love guide over my heart. You are never wrong when it is for the love of me.
-your son-

Wednesday night was interestingly a perfect middle of the week. I made no money at all and still found a way to buy some nachos and water. Open mic night blessed me with a few chuckles.

While I sat awaiting my call to the stage I wrote down some words.  I require preparations because of my anxiety and bipolar mania. I apply too much pressure sometimes on myself which activates my anxiety. When this happens I must think of or say something that makes me laugh and in turn the release from my anxiety and the return to calm or public normal.

The beautiful part of my mind is the flaw. I shall never be without material. The diversity of subject matter stems from a symbol of ambassadry which evolves all communication exchanges of wits and perceptions. The question mark?

I hear my name and I make the stage. Music intro plays as I jig then i signal for the music to stop.  The spot light shines and I review the room. I in review of the room smile inside because I can feel the attention. I'm it right now and it feels immaculately concepted.
Then the mind says; "mention the mic stand as your opener", and I did. What happened next was awesome short of miraculous. I heard a sniffle.
Now, I know what you the reader are thinking. However, I can't read so I shall have to work on this later. As for now I stay put.
Reactions inspired by my mind of communication stimulate my libido of courage and I begin to search even deeper for the rouse.

Remember my writing before going on stage? Yep. Didn't use any of it but I wrote them.